Saturday, September 4, 2010

Babywearing Around the House

Living in an urban environment, I wear Aviel out and about pretty much every day. Its much easier to wrap him up and catch the bus, than to get the stroller out, especially if I'm by myself. We also like to take a nice evening stroll before bedtime. I'll put him in the wrap and we'll walk to the gan (garden or playground), watch the kids play, swing a little, talk about things we see, then head home in a nice mellow state, nurse and go to sleep.

A few weeks ago with the 35 plus degree days (90's F) we were having, Aviel and I didn't get outside much. To keep up with the closeness we normally had when wearing him out and about, I started wearing him around the house much more than normal. It was a nice little routine shift - and one I've kept up since then.

One of things I've realized is that I can do some housework with him in the wrap, which takes some pressure off of getting so much done during his nap times. And it provides ample bonding time.

Aviel has helped me bake cupcakes and a Key Lime Pie.* He's helped me sweep the floor, make the bed, wash the non-sharp-dishes (we save the rest for Abba).....

And we discuss what we're doing, so he's taking in some nice vocabulary words. We talk about dust bunnies, the tart smell of limes, the blueness of the mixing bowl, the colorful stripes of the comforter, and how to make suds and bubbles. He sees ingredients mix, changes in colors and textures, and tasks get completed. He's learning as we go.

Its such sweet way to get chores completed. Sometimes it might take a little longer, but because we're together, the time doesn't matter as much as it does when he's playing by himself on the floor. He's happy, and so am I.

Then when he sleeps, I get to do some creative things that I couldn't do well while he was awake. Like writing this little blog post! ;)


*With a front carry, I won't do anything more with Aviel than mix ingredients that do not require the use of the stove or a mixer. We need to keep kitchen time safe!

And... Front facing carries are not ideal for long periods of time. Read this post about Crotch Dangling for more info!


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